Luigi Campbell

Full Stack Developer • LA

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! If you're in a hurry, check out my projects. If you're into analog, check out my resume .

I'm currently a Full Stack Salesforce Developer at Specright and Full Stack MERN Developer (TA) for UC Berkeley under 2U/Trilogy.



You may have heard of: LWC , APEX , and Svelte.

Industry favorites: React, Typescript, ES Next, Javascript, JQuery, APEX, VF, Git, CI, CD, Trello, CLIs, Terminal, REST APIs, HTML, CSS, Responsive Design with Media Queries, Flexbox, Grid, JSON, AJAX, Non-Relational Mongo/Firebase, Relational SOQL/POSTGRE/MySQL, ORMs and ODMs, Node JS, A touch of Deno, Express, TDD.


I love intelligent conversations about tech, science, and literature. My passions involve making, tinkering with, and fixing things. I am a proud multi-racial American, born in Hollywood. I'm proud to be Black, Mexican-American / Chicano, and everything in between. Moreso, I'm proud to be an Angeleno.